About Us

221 Club: Personal Training & Nutrition offers the highest quality of personal strength training and nutrition guidance. It has a history embedded in a solid strength training technique (Nautilus Strength Training Principles) and the dedication of a team of educated and experienced personal trainers. The name 221 Club symbolizes not only the physical address of our facility (221 East Main Street), but also the feeling of being a part of an exclusive health and fitness club. Our team of trainers strive to create an atmosphere where ALL clients are guided thru one on one strength and/or cardiovascular training sessions, offered personal nutrition education and a chance to really feel at home in a fitness facility.

221 Club welcomes anyone who is looking for a non intimidating, safe, fun, yet effective health and fitness program. We want you to know that we understand that your health is a personal journey, but it does not have to be alone.

Meet the Owner

My name is Christina Zito. I am the Managing Co-Owner of 221 Club: Personal Training & Nutrition of Huntington, NY. Having had a lifelong passion for health, nutrition and fitness, I began my career as a personal fitness trainer back in 2003. Through the years, I have worked one on one with hundreds of individuals in fitness training and nutrition education. I have also had the privilege of managing several other personal training facilities, which entailed training and managing many other personal trainers on Long Island.

For many, establishing a rewarding and stable career in personal training is next to impossible. As a manager and as a trainer in the personal training/fitness franchise industry, I have seen many trainers struggle to succeed-and being forced to move on to other careers. I have also seen the demise of other personal training franchise models from the inside out.

It is my mission through the creation of what is now 221 Club: Personal Training & Nutrition to apply what I have learned throughout my career. That is to NEVER COMPROMISE QUALITY- be it in business, in health and/or in a fitness program.