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Our signature 221 club one-to-one personal strength training sessions are generally designed to be done for 30 minutes (not including warm-up and cool-down) for up to three times a week. The signature 221 club personal one-to-one strength training session... read more

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Membership packages usually run on a month to month basis and costs vary upon number of weekly training sessions, as well as overall time commitment to our program. One month packages without further commitment are available. Please call 631-424-7335 with... read more

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Here at 221 Club we understand the value of personal attention, accountability, motivation and progress when it comes to your personal health and fitness. Our staff is a group of experienced professionals that provide individual personal strength training... read more

What’s all this talk about Protein?

Protein, be it animal based (meat, chicken, fish, milk, eggs, etc) or plant based (vegetable, nuts, legumes, etc), is essential in replenishing your muscles post 221 Club strength training, as well as post cardiovascular training. It is also great to have... read more

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