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I first met Christina when I walked into her gym 4 years ago. I was looking to change my life, and I knew to do that I needed a healthier body. I was in for a life changing experience. Christina was sitting at the front desk — busy making an appointment with a client, manning the phones and giving directions to a new trainer — all with a smile on her face. She made sure to catch my eye and let me know she would be right with me.

I was about to turn 50 that Fall and I wanted to spend the summer making a healthy change. I had tried different gyms, but felt that none would motivate and support me in the way the atmosphere at 221 Club would.

I had stopped by that morning to get information about the workouts and the philosophy of the gym. Christina welcomed me into her office and asked me what brought me into her gym. We sat and we talked about my family, my job and my fitness and nutrition goals. I found her easy to talk to and to share stories with. Her communication style is warm, supportive and witty. As I shared some personal information about myself, and how I got to this place in my life, she was comfortable enough with herself to empathize and share some things about herself. She is quick to share a witty comment, one that lightens the mood and does not make things uncomfortable. Together we set goals for me that would increase my health and well-being.

221 Club is a reflection of both her philosophy and personality. When you walk in the door you can feel the positive energy she creates with her staff and also with all the clients. She knows each client by name, she knows their “story” as well as their personal struggles and/or health issues. I quickly felt comfortable with her and over the days and weeks of working out every morning we got to know each other and became friends… She has shared her knowledge of health and nutrition with me—so I can be stronger physically and emotionally.

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Working out is actually fun at 221 Club.

All the tools you need to achieve a healthy lifestyle are available to you – from customized cardio and weight training programs to personalized nutrition plans. All that, plus (and most importantly) the tireless energy and enthusiasm of the 221 Club staff enabled me and my wife to reach, and surpass, our fitness goals.

My wife and I joined together, and I highly recommend joining with a spouse or friend so you can give each other a motivational “push” even when not at the gym.


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I joined the 221 Club back in 2009.

They helped me get in great shape and on a proper nutrition plan to help me get pregnant. I continued going for training throughout my whole pregnancy.

Only 6 weeks after having the baby I returned and was able to lose all my baby weight in just a few months.

My mom joined in 2011 and since then she has been able to get in great shape and her back pain has disappeared!

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Who would have thought a kindergarten teacher who hates sports would turn into a gym rat. Certainly not me! But the time I spend at the gym has become a haven for me and the rush I get from a good workout has become addictive. I love the way a good workout makes me feel and the result of my hard work is noticed by all my friends and family.

Best of all — I feel great. I’m over 40 and I like my body. I have lost inches and gained muscle. Combined with good nutritional advice, my workouts have transformed my body while the gym has provided me with some relief from my crazy day.

I guess I’m just proud to be a gym rat.

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I have been a member of the 221 Club for 3 years.

In that time I have lost 25 pounds and gained lean muscle. I am stronger because of it.  I am pushed each and every time while being safe. I have never injured myself due to being pushed too hard. Proper technique is always important and my trainer is extremely careful that I maintain proper form.

The half hour of intense training is extremely enjoyable. I love being there and have great satisfaction knowing that I am doing something for me.  I receive complete attention for one half hour that focuses on my health and well being.

The last but very important piece is nutrition. I have learned so much about what my diet should be for long term health. I no longer have to ‘go on a diet’. I have achieved a healthy fit lifestyle with the trainers and staff of The  221 Club.